google featured snippet what should you know

Google Featured Snippet – What You Should Know

by enlivy March 11, 2024

How does the Google Featured Snippet work? Learn what are some best practices to follow if you want to increase the SEO of your website.

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Google march 2024 core update

The Google March 2024 Core Update

by enlivy March 6, 2024

Is your website impacted by the Google March 2024 core update? Learn how to navigate the changes & thrive in the evolving search landscape.

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choosing the right hosting service 5 tips

Choosing the Right Hosting Service – 5 Tips

by enlivy February 29, 2024

Choose the ideal hosting service with these 5 tips that you should consider. From performance to security, ensure your website’s success with the right provider.

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Top 3 website performance testing tools

Top 3 Website Performance Testing Tools

by enlivy October 30, 2023

Optimize your site with the top three website performance testing tools for enhanced functionality, speed, and user satisfaction. Elevate your web success!

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Why you need a business website

Why Your Business Needs a Website

by enlivy October 23, 2023

In today’s digital age, your business needs a website to thrive. Discover why online presence is essential for success.

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How n+1 Queries Can Slow Down Your Application

How n+1 Queries Can Slow Down Your Application

by enlivy September 22, 2023

What are n+1 queries and why are they slowing your application? In this article we will explain the importance of properly handling n+1 queries to assure that your website performance is top notch.

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the importance of wordpress website maintenance

The Importance of WordPress Website Maintenance

by enlivy August 10, 2023

Understanding the significance of WordPress website maintenance is essential for attaining resounding online success in today’s dynamic digital landscape. Rout routine maintenance significantly impacts user experience, search engine rankings, and general security.

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Page Speed Insights Optimize Website Performance

Page Speed Insights: Optimize Your Web Performance

by enlivy July 18, 2023

In today’s rapidly advancing digital landscape, organizations must prioritize optimizing page speed to provide a top-notch user experience. Internet users now demand instant gratification, expecting websites to load quickly and operate at peak performance. Utilizing page speed insights, businesses can gain valuable information about their website’s performance and identify areas for improvement.

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