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We’ll Plan → Build → Document → Maintain your requirements

Delegate the technical complexities to our team, and direct your attention towards the strategic growth of your enterprise. We guarantee to sustain and enhance your online presence, ensuring its operational excellence and expansion.

Experience Growth, Embrace Stability

Our top priority is to carefully plan and develop your project to ensure it fulfills its intended purpose with excellence, we go above and beyond to deliver a product that works flawlessly.

Feedback from users and consumers is invaluable, and we take it seriously to continuously improve the solutions we offer.

Our goal is to establish a long-lasting partnership with you, not just provide a product and move on. This is why we offer maintenance packages that ensure your business can flourish and grow even after our initial work is complete.

As your trusted partner, we guarantee that every solution we create is resilient, functional, and adaptable enough to meet your evolving needs.

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How we'll assist in your journey

Embark on a journey of transformation with Enlivy and discover tailored growth strategies to succeed online. Our team of expert developers offers versatile business solutions to help you thrive.

With a captivating website design, we’ll attract users and boost conversions. Choose from our worry-free maintenance plans for peak performance.

We create websites that non-programmers can manage.

Enlivy S.R.L. successfully delivered the project without any issues. They regularly updated the code and made client-requested adjustments. The service provider’s communication and insightfulness were hallmarks of their work.

—Clutch Review

Web & Digital Consultancy

Enlivy offers personalized growth strategies to help your online business thrive.

Website Design

We specialize in crafting visually impressive websites that entice users and boost conversions.

Website Development

We’ll build your vision into reality, and you, and your team will be able to manage your website, without things breaking.

Maintenance Plans

We care for housekeeping so your website performs at its best and available to expand it’s feature set.

A list with all the services that we provide can be viewed on the Services Page.

Stuck? We’ll discover solutions together.

Our discovery session process is tailored to help you quickly understand how we can provide solutions for your business. Our 10-step process is perfect for those interested in collaborating with us.

Let our team accompany you on a journey towards a thorough examination of your business goals, intended audience, and project requirements. Together, we can establish a solid groundwork for an effective web development experience.

Allow us to map out the ideal path for your growth, providing the solutions you need to achieve your vision.

  • I. Project Scoping

  • II. Mockups & Design

  • III. Development

  • IV. Testing & Polishment

  • V. Delivery / Go Live.

  • VI. Maintenance

  • Your website is a relic from the internet’s Jurassic period? 🦖

    We’ll give it a futuristic makeover that’ll leave your visitors in awe. 🤯

  • Frustrated by development partners who treat project deadlines as mere guidelines?

    We’re your punctual partner, aware that missed deadlines disrupt the entire project chain. 🧨

  • Your previous website’s control room was a maze with no exit, and you felt trapped? 🕹️

    With us, your website won’t leave your team feeling headaches. 🤕

  • Are soaring server bills eating into your profits? 💸

    Our optimization expertise can trim those costs down while keeping your site flying high. 🚀

  • Tired of cookie-cutter solutions that leave a bad taste? 🍪

    We offer bespoke strategies that are as unique as your grandma’s secret recipe. 🥧

  • Feel like consultancy solutions often miss the mark? 🏹

    Our aim is true, and it’s directed at your goals. 🎯

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Explore our featured study cases and see the results for yourself

All produced study cases have been approved by our clients

  • prima vision transilvania logo

    The project aimed to achieve three primary goals: creating a simple and effective presentation website, optimizing for top search engine rankings on key local keywords, and ensuring excellent performance and user experience across all devices.

    View Study Case
  • clutch white

    S.C. Enlivy S.R.L. provided WordPress and WooCommerce development services for an e-commerce solutions company. The team created a custom reporting plug-in for the client.

    View Study Case
  • clutch white

    Enlivy S.R.L. designed and developed a custom website theme for an advertising and marketing company. Aside from the custom theme, the team redesigned the client’s website and built new functions.

    View Study Case
  • clutch white

    S.C. Enlivy S.R.L. revamped the website of a real estate agency, changing its domain and integrating new features, such as social media feeds, preconstruction project information, and an infinite scrolling UX.

    View Study Case
  • clutch white

    S.C. Enlivy S.R.L. developed a customized WordPress solution for the end customer of a digital agency. The solution required using AffiliateWP and WooCommerce to achieve the expected result.

    View Study Case
  • clutch white

    Enlivy S.R.L. has built a website development firm’s two WordPress plug-ins with Stripe and PayPal API integrations. They’ve also integrated WooCommerce, MemberPress, and a customizable payment form.

    View Study Case
  • clutch white

    Enlivy S.R.L. provided custom software development services for a marketing company. The team created a step calendar for the website and integrated FitBit through an API to automatically update users’ steps.

    View Study Case
  • petri logo 1

    The project aimed to achieve three primary goals: redesigning the website, enhancing user accessibility, and significantly improving page speed and SEO optimisation.

    View Study Case
  • elearn commerce logo

    eLearnCommerce is a premium WordPress plugin designed to cater to the needs of the eLearning industry. The platform is intended to provide an optimal environment for marketers, instructors, and coaches to share their courses.

    View Study Case
  • thurrott logo

    Our objective was to optimise the website’s performance and user experience by implementing new features and functionalities.

    View Study Case

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