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Web & E-Commerce Dev for E-Commerce Solutions Company

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Web & E-Commerce Dev for E-Commerce Solutions Company

S.C. Enlivy S.R.L. provided WordPress and WooCommerce development services for an e-commerce solutions company. The team created a custom reporting plug-in for the client.

  • Project Delivery Time

    • Implementation: < 1 month
  • Platform

  • Project Source

S.C. Enlivy S.R.L. successfully delivered the project without any issues. They regularly updated the code and made client-requested adjustments. The service provider’s communication and insightfulness were hallmarks of their work.

  • Services

    • E-Commerce Development
    • Web Development
  • Project Size


  • Project Length

    Nov. – Dec. 2021

Overall Score

  • Quality


  • Schedule


  • Cost


  • Willing to Refer


The Client

  • Please describe your company and position.

    I am the Developer of an E-Commerce Solutions Company

  • Describe what your company does in a single sentence.

    Helping eCommerce store owner to automate their business

The Approach

  • How did you find Enlivy S.R.L.?


  • Why did you select Enlivy S.R.L. over others?

    – High ratings
    – Pricing fits our budget
    – Good value for cost
    – Company values aligned

  • How many teammates from Enlivy S.R.L. were assigned to this project?

    1 Employee

  • Describe the scope of work in detail. Please include a summary of key deliverables.

    Created a custom reporting plugin that have saved countless hours.

The Outcome

  • What were the measurable outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

    Regular commits to the code repository and good communication

  • Describe their project management. Did they deliver items on time? How did they respond to your needs?

    Delivered on time without any problems. Made some small adjustments afterwards. It was an excellent experience for us.

  • What was your primary form of communication with Enlivy S.R.L.?

    – Virtual Meeting
    – Email or Messaging App

  • What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

    Their ability to communicate clearly and deliver valuable insight during the project.

  • Are there any areas for improvement or something Enlivy S.R.L. could have done differently?

    Nothing, everything was good.

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