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eLearnCommerce is a premium WordPress plugin designed to cater to the needs of the eLearning industry. The platform is intended to provide an optimal environment for marketers, instructors, and coaches to share their courses.

The key objective of elearncommerce.com is to create a comprehensive and dynamic solution for those seeking a platform to host and share their educational content.

eLearnCommerce is a platform as a service solution, on top of WordPress.

  • Project Delivery Time

    • Implementation: 7+ years
    • Maintenance: On-going
  • Platform

Corrado Izzo

Corrado Izzo

CEO @ CodeIsCode LLC

Trust is the foundation of our decade-long relationship with Robert, and it’s a Partnership in the word’s true meaning. Robert occupied the Chief Technology Officer role for the first five years and is now our Software Development and Maintenance Partner. We could always count on Robert’s professionalism and technical genius through the years.

He’s been highly reliable, always delivered on budget and on time, and always willing to go the extra mile to complete the task. Another thing we appreciate about Robert is his thoroughness and honesty as a Person and Professional. His dedication to producing the highest-quality output is one of the many things we value the most about him.

Robert has a proven track record with us, and as CEO of eLearnCommerce, I will not shy away from getting on the phone with anyone anywhere to speak well about Robert and how happy we are that we’re working with him.

I cannot recommend Robert enough. We look forward to working with Robert for years to come.

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Robert Rusu has been instrumental in developing eLearnCommerce since the release of version 1.3. The platform continues to evolve and offer a seamless user experience with numerous enhancements and improvements.

In a significant step forward, version 2.0 underwent complete refactoring to become one of the first WordPress solutions to handle all front-end processing via JavaScript and API features. This overhaul has resulted in improved performance and speed compared to its competitors. The front-end processing capabilities provide an uninterrupted and streamlined user experience, ensuring that all course materials are easily accessible and navigable.

The effort invested in the complete refactoring of eLearnCommerce in version 2.0 is a testament to the platform’s commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience and staying ahead of the curve in terms of technology and performance.

The eLearnCommerce platform allows you to easily create an unlimited number of customized members’ areas and online course portals. Our Index Page shortcode is a powerful tool that simplifies the process, enabling you to personalize your membership area in just a few simple steps.

With its intuitive design, you can quickly and easily generate a professional-looking membership area that meets your specific needs and requirements. The shortcode streamlines the setup process and helps you to get your online course portal up and running in no time. The flexibility and versatility of our Index Page shortcode make it an ideal solution for anyone looking to create a dynamic and engaging online learning environment.

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Content Types

Elearncommerce has different content types:

screencapture explore elearncommerce content pool content pools 2023 02 07 19 34 23
content pools img 21
screencapture explore elearncommerce content types ebooks 2023 02 07 19 37 12
content pools img 21
screencapture explore elearncommerce content types list items 2023 02 07 19 37 54
content pools img 21
screencapture explore elearncommerce content types offers 2023 02 07 19 38 58
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screencapture explore elearncommerce content types videos 2023 02 07 19 40 55
screencapture explore elearncommerce content types videos 2023 02 07 19 40 15

Course Types

The eLearn Commerce platform offers comprehensive support for the creation of a wide range of course formats, facilitated by the implementation of a streamlined interface that allows for the seamless switching between course formats with a single mouse click, thereby optimizing the course creation workflow.

  • Screen 01

    Standard Course

  • Screen 01 1

    Execution Plan

  • Screen 01 2

    Video Course

  • Screen 01 3

    Focus Course

  • Screen 01 4

    One Off

  • Screen 01 5

    Learn Map

  • Screen 01 6

    Challenge Course

Most important features of the courses:

  • Blink of an Eye Coursebuilder

    A powerful tool that enables you to manage the entire course creation process from a single page, streamlining and simplifying your workflow.

  • 1-Click Course & Content Layout Activation

    This feature provides the ability to change the display and presentation of your Members Area, Courses, and Content with ease and efficiency, utilizing a simple mouse click.

  • Video Jump Links

    An effective navigation tool, this feature incorporates anchor links to facilitate navigation within long-form videos.

  • Certificate and Diploma Program

    Create an online certification program to validate and recognize student achievements with ease.

  • Learning Paths

    Personalize the learning experience for each student by optimizing their progress and avoiding redundant teaching.

  • Course Prerequisites

    Define a clear order for students to progress through Courses, Lessons, and Assessments.

  • Embed Courses

    Integrate courses within other courses or any location on the WordPress website, increasing versatility and convenience.

  • Cross-Browser & Device Compatibility

    Ensure that your courses perform and display optimally on all browsers and devices.

  • Powerful Assessments

    Add robust assessments to your courses to effectively test student understanding, with full control over the testing journey design.

  • Embed Documents

    Incorporate a wide range of documents into your One-Off Courses, including PDFs, Docs, and Powerpoint, adding further depth and richness to your content.

Sales Engine

The eLearnCommerce Content Sales Engine is a robust and efficient solution designed to facilitate the management and sale of your digital content.

The Sales Engine lets you set up and run a membership website in less than 5 minutes, granting or restricting access to your content and managing memberships, both free and paid.

This module offers integration with popular online payment gateways including:

  • paypal logo1 paypal logo1
  • stripe logo1 stripe logo1
  • braintree logo11 braintree logo11

The Sales engine offers advanced features, such as automatic user role assignment, post-purchase or content access notifications, and sequential content delivery, to ensure a smooth user experience for customers.

It supports automatic login links and syncs all your Stripe subscriptions, and also integrates with popular cart solutions:

  • samcart logo
  • thrivecart logo
  • paykickstart logo
  • sendowl logo

Sales Engine Features

  • User Migration

    Effortlessly transfer all your users from any membership site to eLearnCommerce with a few clicks.

    Migrate your members and content access rules in no time, ensuring a smooth transition.

  • CSV Import

    Quickly and easily import your users to eLearnCommerce with a CSV file.

  • Free Memberships

    Create free memberships that give your students access to free courses and content while requiring them to have an account.

  • Affiliate Integration

    With native AffiliateWP integration, you can easily create an affiliate program for your eLearnCommerce platform.

  • Post-Purchase/Content Access Notifications

    Customize and have the Sales Engine automatically send a post-purchase or content access confirmation email to your learners or customers.

  • User Role Management

    Automatically set user roles based on the purchase or expiration of a membership.

  • Membership Site Setup

    Combine eLearnCommerce with a premium membership plugin for WordPress to create your membership site, or use the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine Add-on and get up and running in less than 5 minutes.

  • Responsive Shopping Cart

    The Sales Engine includes signup and checkout pages that are fully responsive, look great on any mobile device, and are proven to convert.

  • Content Upsell

    Easily upsell your content within your membership site by setting a membership upgrade and/or upsell URL on the content level for each course, execution plan, ebook, or video content.

  • Unlimited Membership Levels

    Create as many membership levels as you need, such as “Silver”, “Gold”, “Platinum”, or any others, and charge more for higher levels of access.

  • One-Off Sales and Recurring Payments

    Accept one-off or recurring payments and start selling your content in minutes.

  • Sequential Content Delivery

    With advanced drip feeding and content delivery timing options, eLearnCommerce offers a comprehensive solution for delivering your content.

  • Content Restrictions

    Easily restrict or grant access to your content, works with any WordPress custom post type, page, or post.

  • Membership Option and Management

    Create paid membership levels, view your current members, upgrade members, and move them to different levels.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    Seamlessly integrate with popular payment gateways like PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe.

  • Content Protection

    Protect any type of content you create on your WordPress site and restrict, protect, or grant free access to specific posts, pages, and custom post types.

  • Cart Integration

    Integrates with SamCart, ThriveCart, PayKickstart, and Sendowl, making it easy to sell and deliver your content.

  • Stripe Subscription Synchronisation

    Sync all your Stripe subscriptions to your membership site with a single click.

  • User Role Management

    Automatically set user roles to change with the purchase or expiration of a membership.

  • Auto Login Links

    Allow members to access your content without having to log in each time with auto-login links.

Stripe Integration + Stripe Membership Sync

The Sales Engine is equipped with Stripe integration, which enables you to securely accept payments from your customers. In addition, the Sales Engine also offers Stripe Membership Sync, which automatically synchronizes your customer data with Stripe, including payment information and subscription details. This feature ensures that you can easily manage your memberships and subscriptions without any hassle.

Stripe Laptop Image 768x505 1

Sub Accounts

The Sales Engine Version 1.9 offers a powerful feature that allows you to create sub-accounts, also known as umbrella accounts, group accounts, team accounts, or corporate accounts. This feature is designed to help you sell training membership programs to small businesses, teams, groups, and corporations with ease.

The sub-account owner has the ability to easily set up and manage the access to the sub-accounts, granting and revoking access to members of their team, group, or organization. This not only streamlines the process of selling membership programs but also provides a higher level of control and security over who has access to the training content.

With the Sales Engine 1.9 and eLearnCommerce, you can provide a comprehensive training solution that meets the needs of various organizations, while ensuring a smooth and secure experience for both you and your clients.

sub accounts image

Easy Import & Export

The Sales Engine supports one-click migrations from a wide range of popular WordPress plugins including:

  • digimember logo1
  • instamember logo1
  • s2member logo1
  • membermouse logo1
  • memberpress logo1
  • woocommerce membership logo1 1

The Sales Engine integrates seamlessly with:

  • formidable logo1
  • gravity forms logo1
  • wpforms logo1
  • easydigitaldownloads logo1
  • woocommerce logo1 1

Membership Import and Export

The CSV One-Click Members Import and Notify feature within eLearnCommerce’s Content Sales Engine has been specifically designed to simplify the process of migrating users from any Membership Site to eLearnCommerce. With just a few clicks, this feature allows you to easily import members of your organization, team, or corporation into the platform.

Here are the steps to use this feature:

  • Format a CSV file that contains the list of users, employees, team members, or students you want to import.

  • Configure your email notifications, which will be sent to your contacts with their login information.

  • Assign specific Content or Membership Plans to each user in the CSV file.

  • Import the CSV file into eLearnCommerce.

Once the import process is complete, each user will receive an email notification with their access details to the eLearning Platform. They will then be able to log in, access the Content or Membership Plans that were assigned to them, and start learning. With this feature, it only takes a few seconds to set up, and it makes the process of onboarding users to your platform efficient and seamless.

Integrating your Previous Stripe Subscriptions into Memberships

The Sales Engine Version 1.9 provides a user-friendly and efficient solution for integrating your previous WordPress Membership and Form Plugins with its Third-Party Import feature. With just a few clicks, you can easily import your Content access rules and form integrations into the Sales Engine, allowing you to take advantage of its robust and custom-built capabilities.

sales engine image

One-Time Sales and Subscriptions

The Sales Engine supports both one-time sales and recurring subscription-based sales. This flexible system allows you to choose the sales model that best fits your business needs and goals. Whether you’re looking to sell a single product or offer a subscription-based service, the Sales Engine provides you with the tools to handle your sales process with ease. The intuitive interface, combined with the ability to manage multiple sales models, makes the Sales Engine a versatile and powerful solution for any business. Whether you are an established enterprise or a new startup, the Sales Engine can help you streamline your sales process, increase your revenue, and grow your business.

Team Training

KPI & Goal Setting

A scorecard is a powerful tool that allows individuals and organizations to track their performance against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) over daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cycles. In this write-up, we will explore the key features of a scorecard and how it can be used to optimize an organization’s performance.

KPI Overview

team training image

Key Performance Indicators

A KPI is a metric used to evaluate the performance of an organization in achieving its strategic goals. For instance, a KPI such as “return rate” can have a predefined goal, such as maintaining a return rate below 10%. With a scorecard, KPIs can be configured to track progress and compare results against the defined goals.

Once the KPIs have been set up, the scorecard displays the KPIs’ progress by indicating whether the KPI’s goal has been achieved or not. The scorecard can use different colors to indicate the status of the KPIs. For instance, if the goal has been achieved, the scorecard displays the KPI in green. If the goal has not been achieved, the scorecard displays the KPI in red. Additionally, if the KPI is in progress, and the actual value falls between the predefined thresholds, the scorecard displays it in blue.

Administrators or coaches can configure the KPIs that are tracked using the scorecard. They can set specific KPIs, assign goals, and define permissions to users. The scorecard offers four types of permissions: hidden, view, edit, and edit & set goals. Hidden KPIs are not visible to users, while view KPIs can be seen but not edited. Edit KPIs can be modified, and edit & set goals KPIs allow the user to modify the KPIs and set goals for them.

If a KPI is not met or is consistently not met for three weeks, the scorecard can recommend training to the person responsible for the KPI to help them improve its performance. By providing a quick overview of an organization’s performance, a scorecard can help organizations make informed decisions and improve their strategic planning.

Types of KPIs:

The scorecard supports three types of KPIs:

Types of KPIs Image

Number KPIs measure the count or quantity of something, percentage KPIs measure the proportion or rate of something, and currency KPIs measure the financial value of something.

Employee Management

The Scorecard feature allows you to customize access to your scorecards by team members. You can easily set up and manage access to specific scorecards and define the type of access each team member has to each metric.

In addition to customized access, there is also a default setting for scorecards. This default setting allows each user to have a personalized default scorecard, and each user can have individualized permissions for each KPI. With this level of customization and control, you can ensure that each team member has access to the information they need to be successful in their role.

Employee Management image 1024x491 1

Training suggestions based on KPIs

With eLearnCommerce, you have the ability to suggest training programs based on your team’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This feature allows you to identify areas where your team may need additional training and offer targeted content to improve their performance. By analyzing KPIs, you can make data-driven decisions to help your team reach their goals and achieve success.

Personalized Learning

The eLearncommerce platform offers a range of tools and resources for creating engaging and effective e-learning experiences.

One of the key features of eLearnCommerce is its ability to allow students to learn at their own pace. With the platform, you can create a learning experience where students have the freedom to decide how quickly they’ll move through the content, rather than dictating a fixed rhythm. This can be particularly helpful if you’re teaching a longer program that spans 12, 24, or 48 weeks.

  • Screen 01 7

    Assessment Dashboard

  • Screen 01 8

    Member Invitation Program

  • Screen 01 9

    Member Invitation Program

  • Screen 01 10

    Discussion Groups

  • Screen 01 11

    Content Stream / Learning Journey

eLearnCommerce offers personalized learning experiences for both individuals and groups. Instructors can create custom-tailored 1:1 learning journeys that are tailored to each student’s unique needs and learning style, or create learning journeys for hundreds or even thousands of learners and set them on autopilot.

eLearnCommerce is a powerful platform for creating engaging and effective e-learning experiences. Whether you’re teaching a long-term program or looking to provide personalized learning experiences to a large group of learners, this platform offers the tools and resources you need to achieve your goals.

Personalized Learning Image

Data Portability

All content can be export in .json format including all files that are uploads

  • CSV Import (users and content structure)

  • CSV Import using Sales Engine

data portability image1 1536x710 1

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