Robert Career Summary

2006 – Introduced to coding at the age of 11, experimenting with the Warcraft III Map Editor.

2008 – Started C++ under the guidance of a private tutor at 13, and participated in various contests, with mixed success, other programmers at my age, had more years of experience, some of them, started when they we’re 9 years old, I was getting my ass kicked.

2011 January – I’ve started working with PHP, in Zend Framework 1, on commercial projects with the tutor that I’ve learned C++ with, I’ve learned a lot, and created quite a few projects, in Zend Framework, and also small extensions / plugins in WordPress, Drupal, Joomla.

2012 March – I’ve started working on oDesk, because I wanted more independence, I’ve stated disliking the leadership style, of my former tutor / mentor / boss. Screenshot 1 & Screenshot 2

2012 July – I’ve started working, with Stepout Media, an Training company in Romania, handling all their technical requirements ( shop & elearning platforms ), quite a bunch.

2012 December – One of my fondest memories regarding the collaboration with Stepout Media is this picture : Screenshot I’ve created MIB Online, an eLearning platform, for one of their programs. I’ve made a AJAX powered eLearning platform, in Zend Framework, that felt, like a PWA at the time, everything was loading async, in the background after the initial page load, I was incredibly ambitious, and I made it work.

2013 January – My first burnout, I had problems calculating 2 + 2, it was an insane experience, I’ve taken a break from coding, and just wanted time to fly by, I’ve done only the bare minimum, to keep things running, nothing new; lasted 3 months.

2013 July – Started selling plugins on codecanyon, I’ve needed cash, and I wanted to build something on my own terms.

2014 February – I’ve got hired at Arobs, when I was still in 12th grade, in school, the youngest ever hired, at the time, I was incredibly happy, and arogant; when they’ve posted this on facebook, I was, very proud of myself : Screenshot

2014 April – I’ve had to take a break from working at Arobs, because I’ve had to focus on school, I was going 4/5 days to their office in Cluj, and I was in Dej, I’ve been traveling by Train & Bus constantly to Cluj; I didn’t have a Driver License, and still don’t, I dislike driving cars; I’ve also had to stop my collaboration with Stepout Media, because of a mistake I’ve done.

2014 June – I’ve discovered and I’ve applied as a WordPress Expert, I was pretty excited to start working for 60$ / hour, considering I’ve previously worked on ~30$ before Codeable. View my Codeable Profile

2014 July – I started generating substantial income, at Arobs I was getting paid 1000 EUR per month, on codeable, I was making 1000$ in a week (try-harding): Screenshot

2014 September – Took a break from Codeable due to challenging clients and burnout. Simultaneously, resigned from Arobs after just one week back. Additionally, withdrew from college after a single Python class with an instructor lacking knowledge of the continue statement in a loop.

2014 October – Resumed creating plugins, libraries, and snippets for enjoyment, fueled by available funds. Explored JVZOO as a developer, inadvertently stepping into the business realm more than development.

2015 March – I’ve started working again on codeable, I’ve done small projects for recurring clients in between, but, never looked for more work actively, now I was.

2016 January – Unintentionally initiated ERP development for business management. After two months, shifted focus to client acquisition with Ovidiu Ilea, offering automated company foundation docs for a fixed fee through the platform.

2016 March – I’ve focused 100% on WPEP ( now eLearnCommerce ), with Corrado Izzo, because I was fustrated at the LMS market, I’ve worked with LearnDash and Sensei LMS quite a bit while I freelanced on codeable.

2021 August – Ended full-time role with eLearnCommerce due to exhaustion and dissatisfaction with the eLearning market. Initially took a break but found boredom setting in after two weeks.

2021 August – I’ve started working on Enlivy, to build an Accounting solution ( because I dislike all the options from Romania ), to some extent, I know that no matter what I’ll ever build next, I want, and need a great accounting system, and keep a tight grip on profits & expenses, including tracking the chain of events.

2021 September – Applied and got accepted on codeable again, and started freelancing, because I’ve needed $, I was charging 100$ / hour, this allowed me to get cash in the bank, in order to hire more specialized Developers, to work on my Enlivy APP, I know Laravel and OOP, but I hired someone better than me in 90% of the development cases, for 30$ / hour.

2022 – Building Enlivy ERP, alongside the Development Agency side of the business.