In this article, we will discuss one of the recent strategies that we have in mind for growing leads for our website and our services. Hopefully, the information we provide in this article will be helpful for our growth, and this post might even help you.

What are leads, and why are they important?

Leads refer to potential customers interested in a business’s goods or services. They play a crucial role in driving revenue for a business since they can convert into paying customers. Leads are essential in expanding a customer base, providing valuable insights that inform business decisions, fostering relationships, and ensuring the business has a competitive edge for sustainable growth.

How we approach leads growth

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In his pursuit of mastering optimal lead generation strategies, Robert, the CEO of Enlivy, discovered Alex Hormozi’s renowned work “100M Leads.” Recognizing its prominence as a best-seller, Robert initiated its acquisition, intrigued by Alex’s expertise. However, given its unavailability in our region, a brief wait is for its shipping.

Who is Alex Hormozi?

Alex Hormozi is an exceptional entrepreneur, innovator, and a highly skilled expert in the business industry. He has embarked on a diverse journey as an entrepreneur, investor, author, and speaker. His innovative endeavors have left a lasting impact across different fields, making him a valuable source of wisdom for companies looking to enhance their performance and success.

Hormozi is the co-founder and CEO of, leading a wide range of private investments. He is also the author of the best-selling book “100M Offers” on Amazon, which has attracted many readers seeking to improve their business strategies. Hormozi’s expertise extends to various industries, including software, e-commerce, and brick-and-mortar businesses. He is known for inspiring entrepreneurs globally with his substantial impact.

Our process of extracting information

While waiting for the book to be shipped, Robert found that Alex Hormozi had also produced an informative audiobook encompassing the book’s key insights. The audiobook can be found on most streaming platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Podcast. Upon sampling several episodes, Robert discerned the audiobook’s value. Subsequently, he proposed a collaborative approach, suggesting that we engage with the audiobook to extract essential ideas from each episode. These insights could significantly benefit Enlivy, our software development firm, in lead generation efforts.

We devised a strategic approach: synchronized listening to the same audiobook episodes. As we engaged in this tandem learning process, our objective was to identify valuable ideas applicable to our business. Remarkably, each audiobook episode offered comprehensive insights, demanding our total focus. Multi-tasking wasn’t an option; these episodes commanded undivided attention.

After the episode, we documented all the great ideas we discovered – valuable information that could enhance our efforts. Then, we had a productive discussion during a call. Although the length of the episodes differed, ranging from 15 minutes to an hour, we were all captivated by Alex’s informative and engaging communication style.

After we discussed the episode, we had a lengthy brainstorming session to focus on the essential ideas related to Enlivy. We specifically looked at “Part 4” of the audiobook, called ‘Post Free Content,’ which explained the importance of offering free content to attract potential customers. In the following sections, we will expand on a few noteworthy ideas from our conversation about Episode 4. These ideas are valuable and worth considering.

What we learnt from Alex Hormozi $100M Leads Audiobook Part 4 – “Post Free Content:”

Audiences gravitate toward familiar content patterns, drawing from past experiences. Content that aligns seamlessly with the platform resonates most effectively, ensuring a comfortable consumption experience.

Aesthetic presentation holds significance; content should promise value, prompting consumers to anticipate rewards. Implanting questions—implicit or explicit—immerses viewers, fostering anticipation and curiosity.
Distinguishing between steps and lists, the latter provides flexible rewards as they can be tackled in any sequence. Posing questions, skillfully woven into the narrative, prompt audiences to ponder future developments.

Content length’s value hinges on engagement; it’s not about duration but captivation. Addressing the initial hook satisfies viewer expectations, driving sustained interest, sharing, and return visits.

Exceeding content expectations breeds audience growth. An invaluable tip: tailor content for strangers, streamlining engagement with broader demographics. This strategic approach facilitates easier interaction and connection with new audiences.

Here’s a list of some great ideas we found in the episode:

  • Post free content to build leads.
  • If someone is making more money than you, they may have more experience or skills in business.
  • The content you create is not the compounding interest; it’s the audience.
  • When you post free content, you compete with more people, and it implies you’ll always need to improve and innovate because of copycats.
  • Hook -> Retain -> Reward
  • Content rewards people for consuming it, as it provides something.
  • Satisfy the need.
  • Give a reason to redirect people’s attention to what you’re providing.
  • Talking about a trending topic applying personal experiences targets a broader audience.
  • Personal experiences make it easier to produce content.
  • Life happens; profit by sharing yours.

These insights encapsulate a fraction of our learnings from Alex Hormozi’s work and underscore the practical depth of his ideas and their immediate relevance to Enlivy’s growth trajectory.

Looking ahead, we intend to delve deeper into the specifics of other episodes or maybe even a more detailed view of Part 4 in upcoming blog posts. We are committed to exploring this section’s intricacies and actionable takeaways, as it holds tremendous potential to elevate our lead generation strategies.

To summarize, we have found that Alex Hormozi’s “100M Leads” has revolutionized our lead generation approach. The book and audiobook have had a significant impact on our tactics, and our teamwork is proof of their effectiveness. We are enthusiastic about continuing to implement these learnings into our evolving lead generation framework and sharing our ongoing successes and discoveries. Watch for more insights and revelations regarding lead acquisition and growth.

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