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The project aimed to achieve three primary goals: creating a simple and effective presentation website, optimizing for top search engine rankings on key local keywords, and ensuring excellent performance and user experience across all devices.

We developed a straightforward, one-page website that showcased the client’s cleaning services in Dej, Romania. The site featured a clean design, a carefully selected color scheme, and a simple, appealing logo.

Our SEO efforts were focused on attracting clients from the Dej area, ensuring the business would be highly visible to potential customers in its local market.

Website Stack

  • Project Delivery Time

    • Design: 1 day
    • Implementation: 1 week
    • SEO Services: 6 months
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The objective

Prima Vision Transilvania aimed to establish a strong online presence for their cleaning services business in Dej.

The primary goal was to develop a simple, fast, and efficient presentation website that would achieve high rankings on Google to attract local customers.

By focusing on these key objectives, the website would serve as a powerful tool to enhance visibility, drive traffic, and ultimately increase inquiries and business growth within the local market.

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Implementation Plan

Here’s our approach when tackling this project:

  • 1

    Creating an Initial Online Presence

    Prima Vision Transilvania had never had a website before and was unsure of what they specifically needed. They wanted a simple, effective site. We collaborated closely with them to define their requirements, ensuring the design was straightforward yet professional.

  • 2

    Initial SEO Setup

    The domain was new and had no prior SEO history, making it challenging to rank for key local keywords. We started by implementing a robust SEO strategy, focusing on on-page optimization.

  • 3

    Content Creation

    We created a set of over 10 targeted blog posts related to the client’s cleaning services to improve visibility and provide valuable content for potential customers.

  • 4

    Monitoring and Adjustment

    After the initial setup and content creation, we monitored the website’s performance on Google. We waited for the results, analyzing how the site ranked over time.

  • 5

    Refinement and Additional Content

    Seeing the initial performance, we made further SEO optimizations and added a few more targeted articles. This continuous effort paid off, and it took approximately 6 months to reach rank 1 on the desired keywords, achieving the client’s goals for local search visibility.

Outcome: First Result in Google Search

We developed a comprehensive SEO campaign to ensure would achieve high visibility in search engine results. Our strategy included meticulous on-page optimization, leveraging RankMath to fine-tune meta tags, headers, and content for the targeted keywords:

  • servicii curatenie
  • servicii curatenie Dej
  • curatenie Dej

Additionally, we created over 10 blog posts centered around these keywords, providing valuable content and boosting the website’s relevance. Despite the challenges posed by a new domain with no prior SEO history, our efforts paid off. Within six months, the website achieved the coveted rank 1 position for the targeted keywords, significantly enhancing its online presence and driving more traffic to the site.

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Outcome: Website Design & Usability

We transformed Prima Vision Transilvania’s online presence with a user-friendly website. Its sleek design and intuitive navigation make exploring their services a breeze. But performance matters too. Strategic optimizations ensure lightning-fast loading times on any device, keeping visitors engaged. Streamlined content lets them find what they need quickly.

The impact goes deeper. Flawless SEO landed them the #1 spot for key local keywords. This newfound visibility translates to a surge in organic traffic, making them highly discoverable to local customers. The result? A website that fuels growth and fosters connections. Prima Vision Transilvania is thrilled with the outcome, exceeding their expectations.

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Outcome: Pagespeed Performance

Our website development prioritized user experience by achieving exceptional loading speeds across both mobile and desktop platforms. This was accomplished through strategic optimizations that maximized performance within the client’s budget constraints. By focusing on core functionality, we ensured a fast and responsive user experience while adhering to the client’s financial goals.

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